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Contributing to the spirit of translational drug development

About Us

ISHA Therapeutics, is a unique organization with its primary location based out of New Jersey, exclusively focused on supporting clinical and translational development programs spanning from very early on to late stage developments. We provide consulting services to our esteemed clients who aspire to develop safe and efficacious new drugs, devices and biologicals. We also have our in-house innovative drug development pipeline.

  • Our core strength is to translate preclinical project ideas into efficient experimental plans, provide regulatory strategies and plan for the conclusive clinical development of the drugs.
  • We are also providing expert and efficient services in the area of medical, clinical and regulatory affairs, clinical trial disclosure, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analysis.

Our agile work principles have gained us recognition and respect amongst the peers and stakeholders, as it sprouts from extensive scientific acumen and years of cumulative team experience. We have satisfied our clients through our high quality, cutting edge, transparent scientific advice for their drug development programs across various therapeutics areas.

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Isha Therapeutics
Contributing to the spirit of
translational drug development

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    At ISHA, a translational drug development organization, we are constantly striving to bring better patient care by facilitating and supporting translational clinical development programs.

  • We are dedicated to contribute to the translational clinical development of drugs, biologics, natural products with an aim to alleviate sufferings of the mankind due to illness/diseases.


Insights of Isha Therapeutics

• We provide innovative, realistic solutions with holistic approach

Implementing "Team Science" approach
Concept to client satisfaction
Project specific personal interaction with clients
Consistent high quality
Resourcefulness, rationality, transparency and ethics


ISHA exclusively focuses on Early Clinical Development Programs (Phase I, IIa, IIb) with core emphasis on the non-clinical, clinical and regulatory development strategy. We bring in unrivalled expertise in wide variety of areas helping us support end to end needs integrated with personalized approach.

ISHA’s scientific expertise and symbiotic adaptability allows for successful execution of both simple and complex regulatory, clinical development needs at various translational phases directed to generate organic, innovative and holistic solutions.

ISHA, specializes in providing translational drug development expertise (non-clinical to clinical, regulatory expertise) to our esteemed clients.


Scientific product concept feasibility assessment, Expert opinion on product development...


Pre-clinical drug development strategy and design, PK/PD expertise on data analysis...


Clinical Development plan and strategies, Early stage clinical development programs...


Pre-IND meeting preparation, communication with US-FDA, EMA (end-to end), IND, CBER, CDER...

Our Team

We have toiled to persistently take steps to improving our extent of expertise and scientific acumen. This has enabled us to assist in providing solutions to both simple and highly complex clinical trials across several therapeutic areas. We have significant capabilities to provide expertise at early clinical development phases for pharmaceutical and biotech drug companies.

Our strength is our team of experts!

These team members are core of the company, contributing and promoting our visionary prospective thinking and team-based learning culture. Utmost importance is given to scientific innovation, meticulous attention to details and dynamic quality improvement with high priority approach to safety and outcomes with time in control. Our innovative, rationale and out of the box thinking coupled with scientific temperament can make a significant difference to the outcome of the clinical development programs for our collaborators and partners.


Manoj P. Jadhav, PhD, FCP

Founder and CEO

Translational Clinical Pharmacologist

Our TEAM of Advisors

Krishna Devarakonda, PhD,

Senior Advisor

Clinical Drug Development

Dr. Nilima Kshirsagar

Senior Advisor

Clinical Drug Development

Prof. Bozena Michniak, PhD

Senior Advisor

Dermal Drug Development

Prof. Mangal Nagarsenkar, PhD

Senior Advisor

Drug Delivery and Development

Iftekhar Mahmood, PhD

Senior Advisor

Clinical Pharmacology

Hemant N. Joshi, PhD, MBA

Senior Advisor

Pharmaceutical Quality

K. S. Rao, PhD

Senior Advisor

Non clinical Drug Development

Michael Loftus, MPA

Senior Advisor

Business Strategy


We strongly believe in collaborations and partnerships. We are committed to building successful collaborations bringing value to each partner. We are collaborating various academic and industry partners.


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Isha Therapeutics LLC,
7 Wesley Road, Hillsborough Township,
New Jersey 08844, USA.

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