Michael Loftus, MPA

Senior Advisor, Business Strategy

Michael Loftus is a C-Level Biotech Business Development Executive. In the recent past, Michael was head of all Business Development Activities at Integrium, a Clinical CRO with Laser Focused Clinical Experts specializing in Executing Phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials to develop better treatments for Patients and Investors. Additionally, Mike has access to a financing vehicle built specifically for Public Microcap Biotech, Med Device and Diagnostic Companies with a market cap of 300 MIL or less. Other notable spheres of influence; Mike has served as the Board Chair, Community Lead Board of NJ for the American Diabetes Association and he was a member of the Somerset County (New Jersey) Planning Board 2012 – 2015.

At almost all times of the business day, Mike is connecting people, problem solving , creating an atmosphere to buy, closing deals, marketing, branding, networking, and communicating. Within the last Four years, Mike has focused not only on bringing new business to Integrium but also has found ways to connect CEOs of Biotech companies with Private and Public sources of Financing. His networking sphere encompasses: Investor Relations, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Family Office, Investment Banks, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Life Sciences Law, Audit and Public Policy firms that are part of or interested in the Clinical Research and Development process.