ISHA Therapeutics, is a unique organization with its primary location based out of New Jersey, exclusively focused on supporting clinical and translational development programs spanning from very early on to late stage developments. We provide consulting services to our esteemed clients who aspire to develop safe and efficacious new drugs, devices and biologicals. We also have our in-house innovative drug development pipeline.

Our core strength is to translate preclinical project ideas into efficient experimental plans, provide regulatory strategies and plan for the conclusive clinical development of the drugs.

We are also providing expert and efficient services in the area of medical, clinical and regulatory affairs, clinical trial disclosure, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analysis.

Our agile work principles have gained us recognition and respect amongst the peers and stakeholders, as it sprouts from extensive scientific acumen and years of cumulative team experience. We have satisfied our clients through our high quality, cutting edge, transparent scientific advice for their drug development programs across various therapeutics areas.


ISHA Therapeutics is born in the most challenging global health situation i.e. during COVID19 Pandemic.

The meaning of ISHA is “the one which has no boundries/formless”

This inception happened out of significant turbulance in the personal and professional life of the Founder of ISHA Therpaeutics, Dr. Manoj Jadhav.

Hence, ISHA also aspires to develop drugs for potential treatment of COVID19. We are also developing some innovative drugs which can be possibly use to treat these COVID19 patients. ISHA Therapeutics also has plans to focus on repurposing drugs across infectious diseases and life style diseases.


To be a unique and preferred translational clinical research and clinical development organization for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry


Serve as a catalyst with integrity and innovation to enable the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to develop safe and efficacious medicines

Contributing to the spirit of translational drug development


ISHA Therapeutics team is driven by the core values such as robust science, high trust, dedication, ideation, and professionalism. These values are fundamental for interaction with our clients and collaborators